Kerch. Primorsky Boulevard

Kerch, Primorsky Boulevard, embankment

Primorsky Boulevard has always been one of the favourite places of the city’s citizens. The first plot of greenery appeared on the boulevard in the 1940’s AD. It was a small public garden called «Lizina Roshcha», which means «Liza’s Grove», and was located on Dvoryanskaya Street (now, Teatralnaya Street). Years later, along the boulevard there appeared trees, plants, benches, lights, a wooden bar named «Float» and a summer concert platform called «Shell». On the concert platform a small symphony orchestra played in the evenings. There were two piers on the boulevard: the Royal Pier in honour of Nickolas I, and the Count Pier in honour of either M. Vorontsov or A. Stroganov. Both of these counts were Novorussia governor-generals and both visited Kerch several times. The former boulevard is nowadays called «embankment». It has twice been reconstructed during the last half of the century, and its size was considerably expanded. Visitors, who come here in the summer, can enjoy themselves at various attractions, in cafes and snack bars, the aquatic sport centre and the small beach «Utinka». The pier with yachts and cutters is ready to take you on a voyage about the Kerch Strait. The embankment is especially lively on the traditional holiday, Fisherman’s Day.

Kerch, Primorsky Boulevard, embankment, today

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