Mithridates Staircase

The Main Square and the Big Mithridates Staircase. The city’s Main Square took shape during the 1830’s AD on the location of the destroyed Turkish fortress. The square was named after John the Baptist’s Temple. Later, the New Market was located there and became known as the real «belly» of Kerch. In the square, one could find cab parking and the city’s public garden, which appeared in 1895. Since the Soviet period, the main square (now, Lenin Square) has been the place for meetings, parades, and various city events. In 1932, a sculpture of V.I. Lenin, the leader of the Russian proletariat, which was designed by sculptor Y. Abalakov, was erected in the Main Square. Another one designed by V. Sytchov and architect A. Morozov later replaced this sculpture. Next to the square is the Mithridates Staircase, which erected during 1830’s — 1840’s by the architect A. Digbi. Two hundred fourteen steps led to the Kerch Museum of Antiquities. In 1944, some dozens of steps were added to get to the top of the Mithridates Mount, where the Obelisk of Glory was erected. Since 1985, there has been ongoing reconstruction and restoration of the Big Mithridates Staircase by the architect S. Kanyev.

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