Mountain Mithridates

Старая часовня на Митридате

Старая часовня на горе Митридат

Mountain Mithridates has been a witness to the centuries-old history of the city and got its name in the beginning of the 19th century. According to legend, the mount is the burial place of an ancient «king of kings», whose name was Mithridates. It was first thought that the burial place was at the site known as the «Zolotoy kur-gan» («Golden Barrow»), and then it was believed that the king was buried in the mount nearest to the city, called «The First Armchair of Mithridates» or simply «Mithridates». On top of «The First Armchair of Mithridates» there was a throne-shaped jut, where, according to the legend, the Bosporan king enjoyed sitting. Currently, it’s the place of the Eternal Fire.

In ancient times there was a citadel on the top of the mount, and to the east of it stood the Temple of Apollo. This is also the location of the 1830’s mausoleum where Kerch-Enikale governor I.A. Stem-pkovsky was buried. Later, during World War II, the majestic Obelisk of Glory was erected there to honor the memory of the defenders of Kerch (designed by architect Kiselyov). Since then, the monument has become a symbol of the herocity, and Mithridates is the traditional place for the Victory Day celebration with its torch-fire parade, fire-works, meeting and repast in the memory of the lost soldiers.
the memory of the lost soldiers.1944

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