According to some data, the ancient city was named after «the river Panticapa passing by». However, judging by the origin of the word, it might have been the name of the strait as well, as its translation means «Fish Way» or «Sea River.» The first dwellers settled on the mount now called Mithridates. Gradually, they occupied and developed not only the mount and its slopes, but also the adjoining lowland.

Panticapaeum was the capital of the Bosporan kingdom for 850 years, and this period was considered to be its heyday. The city was the biggest center on the northern coast of the Black Sea. The fortification walls surrounded Panticapaeum Acropolis, the Royal Palace, majestic temples, and other constructions. The city square, called «agora», and the theatre were also located there. The walls surrounded not only the upper town, but also dwelling quarters of the citizens in the harbor. In it, behind the fortified mole, ships were sheltered and repaired.

However, the later centuries in the history of Panticapaeum were not as successful. Investigation into Pantica-peaum’s history is merited to several generations of archaeologists, beginning with P. Dubrux.

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