Vorontsov Street. (Lenin street) in Kerch
Kerch’s main street was named Vorontsov Street until 1921, and it is now, Lenin Street. Always clean and fashionable, with beautiful merchants’ residences and luxurious shop windows, the street was a main place of attraction. The famous Mesaxudy’s tobacco factory and the English Club for Aristocracy were located on Vorontsov Street. Almost nothing remains today. Multistoried blocks of flats with shops on the ground floor replaced the buildings, which had been ruined during the World War II. The place adjacent to the square was made the Public Garden of Peace. Later, the city’s main post office and the city theatre were built on the street. During the late 20th century, there began general reconstruction of the street, which is not yet finished. The pavement, electrical lights, and plantings are being totally replaced; the façades of the buildings are under restoration according to European style; and, new buildings are being constructed. The street promises to recapture its previous beauty and comfort, however, the traditional style will be irrevocably lost.

Ул. Ленина после реконструкции

Ул. Ленина после реконструкции

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