Mt. Mithridates and the embankment. Kerch. View from the sea.
From the water’s surface from the Kerch Strait (kimmerian Bosporus), there opens a wonderful view of the city. Kerch was thought to be especially attractive in early 20th cent. During this time, at the top of Mithridates Mount there was I. Stempkovsky’s Chapel and the museum. At the foot of the Mt. Mithridates , along the boulevard, was Spitsynskaya Street (now, Sverdlov Street) with private residences of local nobility. Unfortunately, these residences were not preserved. Today three new buildings occupy this part of Sverdlov Street: the City Cultural Center, which was named after Ukrainian singer Y. Bogatikov; the City Court; and the Scientific Research Institute of Fishery and Oceanography. The view of Mt. Mithridates has totally changed, too. The ruins of the museum’s former building remained on its slope until 1959. The museum was called Theseion by mistake. Its real name was Hephaestion, because it was a copy of Hephaestus Temple in Athens. The museum’s building’s construction, in spite of being fit for restoration, was destroyed. In 1964, «Mithridates» restaurant was built in its place. In 1985, the restaurant was also ruined. The former Seaside Boulevard also experienced great changes due to World War II.

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