Kerch. Eltigen Settlement


Eltigen Settlement is a symbol of courage and heroism. During World War II it was called «Geroyevka» or «the place of heroes». This name is still popular among Kerch citizens. The Eltigen landing operation started on November 1, 1943, and marked the beginning of the liberation battles for Kerch from German invaders. The battle lasted 40 days and nights. Soviet landing forces could not only held the beachhead, but also broke through the Nazi blockade, and fought the enemy in the very heart of Kerch, on Mt. Mithridates. Not by chance, this territory was called «Fire Land». Sixty-one Eltigen defenders were honoured with the title «Hero of the Soviet Union». In November 1978, the motorboat lost during the landing operation was taken out of water and placed on the pedestal to honor the heroic landing. In May 1985, another monument was erected. On it, was engraved the names of «Fire Land» defenders who got the title «Hero of the Soviet Union», the names of military departments, and the names of the ships that took part in the battles for the settlement. The exposition in Eltigen Museum, which is a part of Kerch Historical and Cultural Preserve, is devoted to these heroic events.

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